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Athinio introduced the idea of cloud storage 2.0, the world's first cloud of other storage clouds.(US patent granted). With it, consumers and SMBs get a cloud storage experience, that is absolutely from from vendor lock in, cloud related migration disturbance, cloud storage service outage or cloud related security breaches. We have invented Distributed , Virtual cloud or the idea of RAID across clouds or cloud level RAID, based on state of the art erasure coding based on reed solomon coding. We offer a data vault service, targeting disaster protection initiatives for small business servers. Riding on top of our granted patent, our two SaaS offerings - multi-cloud archival service, onecloudstorage.com and a life long content archiving for consumers for emotional needs are available at www.onecloudstorage.com .

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Athinio Data System Pvt. Ltd.
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Leadership Team

Peter Chacko

Founding Director

As the founding technologist and the principal value merchant, Peter drives the mission and vision of the company and integrate R&D, marketing, and sales departments as a cohesive force. Peter has more than 18 years of well-rounded experience as a hands on technologist around networked/distributed/cloud storage and related system software. Before starting Athinio, Peter worked for Calsoft Labs for 3 years where he started a new CoE for storage networking R&D and as the intrapreneur, he also led the business development/marketing efforts to sell the IP created( network file virtualization technology pluggable to any L4-L7 switch). Before this, he was running NetDiox computing systems, which he founded in 2005 to create new technology break through around clustered and grid storage research and and finishing educational services to experienced professionals/spare time researchers. Prior to NetDiox, He had been consulting in the US for 6+ years for companies like Bell communications research(Wireless networking group), IBM(SAN filesystems group), HP etc. He was also part of couple of startups (Matisse networks(distributed L2/L3 switching) and InMage Systems(Data protection &Disaster recovery).

Peter holds a Masters degree in Computer Science & Applications(MCA, from Department of Computer Science, Madras university campus), and a Bachelors in Physics(St.Peter's college, Mahatma Ghandhi University,Kerala,India).

M S Prasad

Chief Scientist

MS Prasad is a network/information security veteran of 30+yrs of exp, who is renowned in the industry and trusted by Indian government departments to oversee security for their computer networks. Prior to Athinio, he was with NeoAccel India , a pioneer in virtual SSL VPN solutions, and grew the company to a team of 40+ people which later acquired by VmWare . At NeoAccel, he led all engineering development, product management, developed channels and drove sales and marketing organizations . Prior to NeoAccel, he was a data security scientist at DRDO for 24+ years, where part of his assignments includes as a security auditor of different Government organisations & writing Mil standards for SW engg and security. Prasad is the recipient of the DSP Design Innovation Award (1987) and Best Scientist Award (1989 and 1998). He is a fellow of IETE, M-IEEE, M-IEE. He also leads the Indian chapter of Cloud Security Alliance(CSA). He holds a B.Tech(ECE) from IIT –Kharagpur and M.Tech(CS) from IIT -Kanpur.

Anil S Babu

Technical Director - Engineering & Technology

Anil brings 17+ years of progressive R&D experience in different domains like operating systems, network platforms, networking protocols, storage networking, network security and related IT infrastructure domains. Anil's deep passion for high quality engineering work on system and networking projects lead him to switch from his electronics engineering background to IT career. He started his career with a startup then, called Kalkitech, where he was a key engineer in building SMTP client and server components for an IP Telephony project. Two years later, he joined HP STSD (Sytem Software & Solutions Division) as an R&D Engineer, where he was the 2nd member of a new team that started the transfer of ownership of ONC (Open Network Computing) protocol stack on HP-UX. This suite consists of various protocols like NFS v2/v3, its complementary protocols like NIS, NIS+, RPC, XDR etc. which came from Sun Microsystems. There he worked on variety of subsystems for scaling, performance improvements, customer requested extentions like IPv6, re-factoring and other engineering initiatives over a span of around 8 years. He then moved to Cisco Systems, where he worked on Cisco IOS and was involved in High Availability Networking and TCP modules of the IOS. He was with Cisco for 3 years. Most recently, he was with Juniper Networks for around 4 years, where he was a key engineer in security and switching business unit. During his tenure at Juniper, he worked extensively on different network security modules including Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (part of SRX product family) as an R&D engineer.

Anil loves startup and being part of ground-breaking new innovations. He is an expert in software engineering, system programming, network protocols, file system protocols like NFS, data security, storage and fundamental computer science technologies. He is a passionate engineer and find his element in leading a strong team of engineers who want to be on their best, rather than being a manager. His hobbies like cycling and his work overlap most of the time, but he finds extra time playing with his toddler. Anil holds a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Govt. College of Engineering, Trichur, affiliated to University of Calicut, Kerala.

Sajith C R

Technical Director - Product Operations

Sajith brings 15+ years of industry experience to the party and drives the solutions engineering and product operations as a hands on builder of systems and products. Previously, he worked with Veritas Technologies where he had a career-defining experience with various aspects of data storage technologies, spanning more than 10 years as a system software developer, technical lead and as a principal engineer. At Veritas, he was involved in various development projects that included data center discovery and reporting, high availability and disaster recovery, file share, storage, storage and server virtualization, volume management, cloud APIs etc. He was tasked with various job functions of building various software systems that includes migrating clustered applications across any operating environments that covers any OS, any architecture, any distance including to public cloud. Have handled multiple releases of market leading enterprise solutions and delivered numerous customer requirements on time and worked with cross-geo team. Also have one US patent issued virtualization technology. Before Veritas, Sajith was a research member at Netdiox computing systems, where he got introduction to various aspects of system software development, clustering stack development. One of the main research project he was involved during the period was the development of a NFS replication stack with integrated data management software components. He was also part of an extension project for building a congestion-less, Reliable UDP protocol stack with a distributed time slotted, message delivery mechanism, which was a flag ship research project carried out at NetDiox.

Sajith holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala and an MBA. He is a co-inventor of a US patent. When he is not coding himself or helping others with engineering issues, he spend his time learning marketing, traveling, reading fictions and having good time with his family.

T V Renitha

Co-founding Director and Head of Engineering.

Renitha is a founding Engineer at Athinio, having 10+ years of exp in systems, storage and application software.At athinio she built most of the software for cloud integration components, SSL/HTTP Stack/compression, windows client systems, data protection and mmanagement/UI components and later started working on further extensions of file storage platform and object storage components. Prior to Athinio, she was with NetDiox, a storage research venture for 3 years, leading all systems and storage research projects with a special emphasis on data structure extension libraries, storage replication components and Databases interfacing frameworks.Prior to NetDiox, she was with California Software company Ltd for several years, working on Dr.DWG suite of products. Renitha is passionate about developing software, with her hands on approach and running QA and software management processes. She holds a B.Tech from Govt.Engineering College, Trichur, affiliated to Calicut University.

V. Ranganathan


Mr.Ranganathan has been a technology entrepreneur for 25+ years, with his Network /Data center infrastructure integration/consulting company, BNA India which he bootstrapped from scratch. BNA india is now executing many government projects as well as from large customers, with integrated R&D division to deliver customized solutions. He is also well versed in distributed data bases, storage networking, IP-Video surveillance markets and related level-0/1/2 technologies thats is burned deep in the mud. He is also an adjunct faculty at IIIT-B and holds a B.Tech and M.Tech in ECE.(Both degrees from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore). Ranganathan is a passionate technologist, who enjoy talking about new innovations, and look at technology innovation as his religion and enjoy supporting, guiding other technology entrepreneurs who are very ambitious, bold, and having a die-hard attitude to win, during his purpose-made-spare time.

Davis George


Davis is Technology executive with 25+ years of Leading System software and Product development Teams. He is a co-founder at Xerve Innovations, an e-commerge sales aggregation/automations company. Before that He was the strategy director at NetApp where he worked over 8 years. He was Instrumental in developing strategies for rapid growth of NetApp's R&D in India.Before NetApp, lead development of HP UNIX core operating system at HP for over 7 years. During his stint at HP, he led many UNIX kernel projects, particularly in VM subsystems, and was also involved in language tools lab.Before his IT career, he server in Indian Airforce, for more than a decade as a wing commander.While in the Indian Air Force, was engaged in radar and Electronic warfare for the first ten years and in system simulation software development for later years.

He has an M Tech Computer Science (IIT Kanpur) and PGDBM (IIM Calcutta). He is also a professional leadership coach, and an invited speaker for leadership workshops. His hobbies include reading, and technical deliberation on various storage technologies with younger technologists and helping them change their orbits, and taking their potential to out of its limits and beyond.

Uday Dhanikonda


Uday brings 18+ years of progressive management experience in the US, dealing with multi site, multi geo operations to Athinio. Uday worked for Workday Inc, where he joined as an early stage startup member, and involved in hiring and building various engineering teams, worked with Security, SaaS data management, Operations and IT infrastructure/Cloud operations teams . Before Workday, Uday was with Sun Microsystems Inc where he worked for 13+years, and was also involved in Engineering Management, QA Engineering, marketing and evangelism activities for Java technologies. Uday is adept at leading and managing distributed teams, having cultural diversity and different geographical bindings.
Uday holds a Masters degree in Computer Science & Applications( from Department of Computer Science, Madras university campus), and a Bachelors in Electronics Science.Uday owns 3 US patents.