Athinio Support Center

Athinio products running in customer data center are continuously monitored, protected with HA service. This service offers all these enterprise class features with real time system activity telemetry and fault dashboard.

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Athinio Support Center monitors augment security services, provide security and incidence management services to multi-component deployments of OneCloudStorage solution stack. Athinio Support Center complement OneCloudStorage suite with various cyber security services. Athinio Support Center centralize security policy management, automate secure data services and data protection services leveraging AI/ML.

Powered by a market-pioneering patent.

One click with HA Configuration

Realtime customer Telemetry

Information security Surveillance

Data Intrusion, Detection and Response

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Athinio Support Center service offers 360-degree Cyber Security Automation, Information auditing, Data Activity surveillance, Storage Intrusion Threat intelligence and Real time response. This is a revolutionary data governance and security platform. Athinio Support Center is a quantum leap towards autonomous storage platforms with cognitive cyber resilience, fully software defined. Athinio Support Center also enables software-based HA service, Customer Telemetry, Single point configuration and Automatic software patching. All these services can be offered on a FaaS (Features as a Service) model. Athinio Support Center service can also be fully implemented onPremise as part of OneCloudStorage Deployment.

OneCloud onPremise Gateway

Market-pioneering, Information governance and data security fabric software that can be fully deployed onPrem, private cloud or in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment. Nervio solutions deeply converge data security, visibility and protections controls into multi-silo data management solving a critical need of storage systems which was not designed with security otherwise.

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OneCloudStorage SaaS service

SaaS based Secure Backup and Archiving Service with cross-country data governance ! Experience the world's first provider independent virtual cloud service without being a provider by itself ! Customer data never get stored in onecloudstorage(OCS), but it is stored in secretly split, mathematical pieces in different clouds, as a RAID-across-Clouds paradigm resulting in unhackable, redundant data foundation built upon multiple clouds with no cloud vendor lock-in(Protected by our granted US patent, Distributed, Virtual Storage cloud). Full data is compressed and de-duplicated for data reduction and encrypted and erasure coded for data safety. OCS never charge anything on recovery and all the software needed for data recovery is available as open source software that every customer can own.

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