Multi-Cloud, Active Archiving for Cold Storage

Around 90% of the stored data of 90 % of the mid-size organizations are not accessed in the last 6 months! This is called “cold data problem”. Such in-active, or data having less business value which cannot be thrown away, cannot be stored in the expensive primary storage system due to TCO issues and need to be moved to a lower tier of storage such as tapes manually, to free the space for new data.Recent data also needs to be backed up by DR.

Athinio Multi-cloud, Active Archiving gateway

In order to address the cold data problem above, Athinio has built an award-winning solution which is unique, robust and cost-effective. Athinio has built a Cloud Backup Gateway that transparently Backup old files, with no manual intervention, based on customer controlled Backup policies from primary file servers or existing NAS systems, to Athinio file storage platform, secure it(with key-less AES 256 encryption) optimize it (dedup and compression), then disperse it with Reed-Solomon erasure coding and distribute to lower cost storage vaults or public storage clouds realizing significant cost reductions without compromising on availability or security posture. After taking the migration to dispersed public clouds, files are removed from the source systems. When files are accessed again, its transparently brought back to original servers without having the user ever noticed it.  click for more