Cloud Data Management

Delivers the unique experience of true convergence of active archiving, data backup, multi-cloud data mobility, cold storage management, search, analytics and disaster tolerance of data spanning across storage silos.

Cloud integration

Provide you patented, hack-proof storage delivery platform backed by multi-cloud virtualization that plays the role as a RAID controller for secure data storage.

Active Archiving

Have access to your data instantaneously while enjoying the cost advantage of placing archive data securly on cloud

Data Migration

Migration across any data silos, in a hybrid-cloud deployment is made ridiculously simple

What And Why

Athinio is in the business of simplifying file-level data storage management, no matter where data is stored, with a software-only approach. Athinio data management foundation offers converged data services, flexible and secure integration to hybrid-cloud storage, object services, universal file storage migration, cold storage management, Active Archiving, Business-aware-storage integration, Information-theoretic security, unmatched availability, cross cloud data management and a RAID-across-clouds paradigm as a single data services platform. Athinio delivers the solutions as pure-play onPremise solution or as a hybrid-cloud storage model. Customers of all sizes, can either select Athinio suite of products as an all-in-onPrem solution or as a SaaS based service.

Our Customers (Partial list)