Athinio is a data management and IT Resilience company with an integrated approach to Backups, Archiving , Migration and Cloud-Integration. With our solutions, customers get true freedom from vendor lock-in, can decide onPremise or Multi-cloud on their terms.

You can now safely backup or archive your NAS systems across multiple offices, to Cloud or from Cloud back to onPrem in a simple fabric architecture.

Athinio oneCloud Suite - Athinio oneCloud Suite of solutions Radically simplifying data management in hybrid-cloud environment. Athinio also runs a SaaS based data protection services for SMBs of the world, operating under regulated markets, needing military-grade data governance

Athinio Re-Imagined Data management, for corporations spanning multiple sites across GEO locations ! With Athinio Multi-Cloud Storage Gateway (AMS) gateway as the storage foundation, multiple data management services like agent-less Backup with Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and off-site data vaulting with DR are built upon to form a cohesive all-in-one data management platform. Data is securely stored across public clouds with multi-cloud data dispersal technologies, protected by granted US patent. Data is compressed , de-duplicated and Erasure coded with encryption before transported to public clouds or onPremise object vaults. All backed up or archived data can be accessed at drive level, as a live copy through Athinio oneCloud Gateway. Built in HA and deep security integration are the fundamentals of the solutions stack. Data stored in the edges of the corporations like Remote and Branch offices can be seamlessly integrated to Head Office Data center and to Cloud infrastructure with unseen simplicity and data access. Supported systems include windows Servers, Linux Servers, SQL Servers and NAS systems.

Our Products

Athinio oneCloud onPremise Gateway

Market-pioneering, Information governance and data management fabric software that can be fully deployed onPrem, private cloud or in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment. Athinio data management solutions deeply converge data management, data migration and data protections controls into multi-silo data management solving a critical needs of a unified data management.

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Athinio oneCloudStorage SaaS service

SaaS based Secure Backup and Archiving Service with cross-country data governance ! Experience the world's first provider independent virtual cloud service without being a provider by itself ! Customer data never get stored in onecloudstorage(OCS), but it is stored in secretly split, mathematical pieces in different clouds, as a RAID-across-Clouds paradigm resulting in unhackable, redundant data foundation built upon multiple clouds with no cloud vendor lock-in(Protected by our granted US patent, Distributed, Virtual Storage cloud). Full data is compressed and de-duplicated for data reduction and encrypted and erasure coded for data safety. OCS never charge anything on recovery and all the software needed for data recovery is available as open source software that every customer can own.

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What And Why

Athinio is in the business of simplifying file-level data storage management, no matter where data is stored, with a software-only approach. Athinio data management foundation offers converged data services, flexible and secure integration to hybrid-cloud storage, object services, universal file storage migration, cold storage management, Active Archiving, Business-aware-storage integration, Information-theoretic security, unmatched availability, cross cloud data management and a RAID-across-clouds paradigm as a single data services platform. Athinio delivers the solutions as pure-play onPremise solution or as a hybrid-cloud storage model. Customers of all sizes, can either select Athinio suite of products as an all-in-onPrem solution or as a SaaS based service.
Athinio provides, secure, cloud based backup and DR solutions for windows based Application Servers and NAS system.

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Athinio has recognized the need for data storage mobility solutions and has create secure, onPrem to Cloud migration solutions with integrated data reduction and key-less encryption, most suitable for move cold data repositories to public cloud infrastructure.

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Now access all of your Cold storage, from your local Storage with your TCO reduced to the cloud storage economics. Powered by our multi-cloud storage gateway. We consolidate, secure (encryption without key management hassles), optimize (compression, universal de-duplication, and erasure coding) and steer to public clouds through multi-cloud data dispersal, accessible through local file system semantics.
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Athinio Story

Athinio is a data management and IT Resilience company with an integrated approach to Backups, Archiving , Migration and Cloud-Integration. With our solutions, customers get true freedom from vendor lock-in, can decide onPremise or Multi-cloud on their terms.


Enter the world's first Virtual Storage Cloud - rationalizing storage cloud services for unseen data security, Ransomware attack mitigation, Quantum-safe data preservation with information theoretic data security and Regulatory controls such as Privacy controls, Governance and Data residency.